Features of Acrylic Sheet

  1. High Light Transmittance

  Clear acrylic sheet has distinguishing high light transmittance up to 92%

  2. Superior Outdoor Weatherability

  Strong adaptation of natural environments, the performance will not change even if staying long time in the sunshine, wind and rain.

  3. Excellent Processing Properties

  Not only can be mechanical processing but also can be thermal forming.

  The surface can be surface painting, screen printing or vacuum coating.

  4. Good Integrated Performance

  Wide varieties, rich colors and excellent combination property provide diverse selection for designers.

  5. Innocuous to human

  Long contact with sheet is harmless to human.

  When burned, it will not produce poisonous gas.

  Size and Thickness:

  Size: 1.22*2.44m, 1.22*1.83m, 1.25*2.5m, 2*3m, 2.05*3.05m

  Thickness: 2-50mm

  Product Advantage

  1. Hardness

  Hardness is one of the important parameters of reflecting production process and technique of cast acrylic sheet and an important part in quality control.

  Hardness can reflect the purity of raw material MMA, outdoor weather ability and high temperature resistant performance, etc.

  Hardness will directly affect whether sheet will be out of shape and whether it will form cracked surface in processing and so on.

  Hardness is one of the important indices of evaluating quality of acrylic sheet.

  2. The Thickness Tolerance

  The control of thickness tolerance embodies quality management and production technology perfectly.

  The thickness tolerance of 100% virgin Lucite cast acrylic sheet is controlled within ±0.2mm.

  3. Translucency and Whiteness

  Strict selection of raw materials, advanced formula and modern manufacturing technique ensures excellent translucency and whiteness.