The Properties of Acrylic Sheet and Application in The Market

  Acrylic sheet can be divided into cast acrylic sheet and extruded acrylic sheet by manufacturing technique.

  Cast acrylic sheet:

  The technique of cast acrylic sheet is: use MMA as a raw material, aggregate by heating under the action of initiator, cool it to room temperature when conversion rate reaches to 10%, injected into molds after degassing, warm it in water and drying room, leave molds when complete polymerization, the last step is package.

  Cast acrylic sheet is high molecular weight polymer with excellent stiffness, strength and improved resistance against chemical attack making it more fabrication friendly. It is usually small batch production, so it is widely used in a variety of special application with flexible multicolor, various surface and complete product size.

  Extruded acrylic sheet:

  The technique of extruded acrylic sheet is: use acrylic pellets as raw material, melt and plastify in extruded machine, squeeze out from mold, pack after calendaring.

  Extruded acrylic sheet is not high molecular weight polymer, which is beneficial to bending, thermoforming processing and quick vacuum forming while processing big size sheet. Its thickness tolerance is small. It is suited to single variety big batch production.

  Over the years, thermoforming has always been one of the most creative usage. With the improvement of processing technology, product variety and performance, the processing of sheet becomes more convenient, safer and cost performance is more reasonable, compared to other traditional advertising material.

  The properties and advantage of acrylic sheet

  l Superior outdoor weather ability

  l Crystal clear

  l High gloss surface

  l Full series of products, there are various color including transparent, subtransparent, milky white, etc and different surface effect.

  l Extremely easily molding, low cost

  l Environmental, recycled

  l Excellent surface hardness, scratch resistant

  l Excellent drug resistance

  l Easily clean

  The difference between different quality and simple method of identification

  There are recycled acrylic sheet with cheap price and low quality in current market. It is produced by recycled offcuts. In fact, if offcuts are processed by scientific recycling plan, waste pyrolysis plant, strict technique to get pure MMA monomer, which has same quality with new synthesis of monomer. But some factories adopt rough producing line and get mixed monomer.

100% Virgin Lucite Cast Acrylic Sheet

Recycled Acrylic Sheet

² Excellent Uv Resistance, 10 Years No Yellowing, No Fade, No Crack

² Uv Resistance Is Very Poor, Easily Yellowing, Color Fading And Cracking

² High Light Transmittance Up To 92%

² Light Transmittance Less Than 80%

² Section Of Sheet Is Transparent Before And After Processing

² Section Of Sheet Is Yellowing After Short Period Usage

² No Peculiar Smell

² Pungent Smell After Processing, Easily Yellowing

² Surface Hardness Is High, And Is Equal To That Of Aluminum And Brass

² Good Cracking Resistance And Chemical Resistance

² Easily Cracked, Bad Drug Resistance

² Superior Outdoor Weather Ability

² Bad Weather Resistance

² High Quality Protective Film

² Low Quality Protective Film And Package

  With the understanding and knowledge, living space of recycled acrylic sheet will be smaller and smaller.  By above simple method, we can easily identity the quality of acrylic sheet to avoid unnecessary loss.