The Promising Market Of Organic Glass

  Organic glass is a kind of important thermoplastic, which has properties of high transparency, stability and weather resistance. It is also easily processing, dyeing and good appearance. All these good performance provide widely application in construction industry.

  In terms of architecture, organic glass is mainly used in skylight, roof, stair and indoor wall sheet, etc. In recently years, the development of application in lights of cars is quite fast. With the construction of restaurant, hotel and high-degree residence, skylight develops rapid. Skylight, made of extruded sheet, has advantages of integral structure with high intensity, light weight, high light transmittance and safety, etc. Compared with inorganic glass daylighting device, organic glass has great superiority.

  In terms of sanitary ware, organic glass can be fabricated into bathtub, washbowl, dresser, and etc. It has outstanding characteristic of the luxurious appearance, depth perception, easy clean, high strength, light weight, comfortable to use and so on. Organic glass is widely used in recently years.

  At present, in the law of United Stated and Japan, it is mandatory to use organic glass in construction of kindergarten and middle and primary school. With the improvement of Chinese law, it is expected that corresponding provisions will come out in the near future. At the same time, with accelerating of the pace of urbanization, it is teeming with signage, advertising box, telephone booth, which are made of organic glass. In a word, there is much space to develop organic glass, the market value is huge, and the prospects of application are board.